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London Districts - EC


London Districts - EC

St Paul’s and Bank districts fall within the City Court. The City of London is a key business and commercial centre and often referred to as just the City or the `Square Mile’ (it is approximately one square mile). The size of the City was originally constrained by a defensive perimeter wall known as London Wall although the boundaries of the City of London are no longer the old City Wall as the city expanded its jurisdiction to the so-called City Bars - such as Temple Bar. The boundary froze in the medieval period, thus the City did not and does not control the whole of London.

In some places the financial district extends slightly beyond the political boundaries of the City to the north and east, into the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Islington, and informally these locations are seen as part of the `Square Mile’. Since the 1990s the eastern fringe of the City, extending into Hackney and Tower Hamlets, has increasingly been a focus for large office developments due to the relatively easy availability of large sites there compared to within the City itself.

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